Industrial and Specialty

Choose the acknowledged innovator in quick-cooking rices and more.

For ingredient and food service applications, Riviana offers a wide range of rice products that save industrial customers time and energy.

Our extensive industrial products list continues to grow as we identify new applications for both food and non-food uses. Working closely with you, our Industrial Sales team helps to select the perfect rice for each individual application, or develop the ideal rice based on your specifications.  To learn more about our industrial product offerings, visit our website:

  • Ranging in cook times from 3 to 10 minutes, our products include white and parboiled instant rices and parboiled long and medium grain rice for special applications.
  • Our canned soup application rice is capable of withstanding retort processing conditions, and low moisture types are available for use directly with seasonings.
  • We are also proud to offer organic rice and other specialty products such as non-GMO corn flour and quinoa flour.
  • Brokens, brewers and un-ground hulls are also available in bulk
  • Through our Rivland Partnership, we offer white rice flour, brown rice flour and rice gel.

Instant Rice

Riviana offers the most complete line of quick cooking rice in the industry. Different varieties of rice that require a cook time from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.  Because this rice has been precooked and dried, instant rices are quick rehydrating and have a light and separate cooked appearance.

Parboiled Rice

Riviana offers the most complete line of parboiled milled rice. It is made from rough rice that has been soaked in hot water, steamed under pressure and dried before milled.  Cooking time is slightly longer, while the process gives the rice a more separate appearance and firmer texture after cooking.


An emerging category, Riviana is on the forefront of innovation with specialty products and organic rice flours, whole grain rice, non GMO Corn flour, and Quinoa flour.  Market analysis shows these products will be in high demand and have many applications from pet food, infant cereals, breakfast bars, and thickening agents for the “free from” food movement.

Rice Flour

Riviana offers the most complete line of conventional and specialty rice flours available through our partnership with Rivland and Herba Ingredients.  Because of its hypoallergenic properties and digestibility, rice flour is the basic ingredient in infant rice cereals and is the preferred thickening agent for baby foods. It is also used as an ingredient in ready-to-eat breakfast cereals.  Also available:   Rice Gel through our Rivland Partnership.  To learn more about our industrial flour offerings, visit our website:

Broken Rice

Riviana supplies broken pieces of rice, known as brewers or brokens, to the pet food industry as an ingredient in pet foods.

Rice Hulls

Formerly discarded in the milling processes, Riviana now sells rice hulls for the production of furfural, a chemical used to manufacture plastic telephones and as a viscosity agent in motor oil. The company also supplies rice hulls to the animal feed industry for use in medicated feeds and for landscaping as mulch. Hulls are also used as a source of fuel for electricity such as co-generation joint venture project in Arkansas.

Wild Rice (zizania palustris)

Is the seed of a plume-topped aquatic grass found mainly in Minnesota, California and Canada. It is often combined with other types of rice or grain. With an enticing blend of smoky, nutty flavors and crackly-crunchiness, wild rice has long been a favorite of gourmets. Riviana, which sells wild rice under the Gourmet House® brand, is the world’s largest marketer of wild rice.