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Innovators from the start:  Since 1911, Riviana has led the industry with dozens of new products and innovations that make meals tastier, healthier and easier to prepare.

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2001 - Present

2011 - Purchased American Rice, Inc.

Riviana acquires American Rice, Inc. from Grupo SOS.

2006 - Introducing Microwaveable Rice Cups

Riviana introduces microwavable rice products that cook in one minute.

2006 - Purchased Minute® Rice Brand

Riviana acquires Minute® Rice brand from Kraft Foods.  Minute® Rice, the world's first precooked rice was developed in the early 1940s using a special patented method for precooking and dehydrating rice and was requisitioned by the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II for special G.I. rations. Minute® Rice was introduced to consumer test markets in the U.S. in 1946, and by 1949, it had achieved national distribution.

2004 - Riviana Foods Acquired

Riviana is acquired by Ebro Foods, S.A., the world's leading rice company.

1986 - 2000

1996 - Gourmet House®

Riviana acquires Gourmet House® wild rice from Anheuser-Busch.

1995 - Going Public

Riviana becomes a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.

1993 - Sello Rojo® Brand Purchased

Riviana acquires Sello Rojo® Brand from Rice Growers Association of California Corporation.

1986 - Riviana Foods Inc. Purchased

Riviana is purchased from Colgate-Palmolive Company by members of the Godchaux family and management.

1951 - 1985

1977 - Original Boil-In-Bag Rice

With the introduction of Success® Rice and its innovative boil-in-bag convenience, Riviana pioneered the development of quick-cooking, parboiled rice.

1976 - Riviana Acquired

Riviana Foods Inc. acquired by Colgate-Palmolive.

1965 to 1970 - Diversification

Riviana acquires Pozuelo (Costa Rica), Alimentos Kern (Guatamala), Pangburn's Chocolates, Hills Pet Foods, MBT Broth, Belle Towle Olives, Hebrew National, Austex, Romanoff, Trinis, and Lums Restaurants.

1965 - New Company Name

Riviana Foods Inc. is formed through the merger of River Brand Rice Mills, Inc. and Louisiana State Rice Milling Company.

1900 - 1950

1946 - River Brand Rice Mills Inc.

Champion Rice Milling Co acquires Southern Rice Sales, becomes River Brand Rice Mills Inc.

1932 - Brand Introduction

Introduction of Mahatma® Rice brand to consumers.

1931 - New Consumer Package Innovation

Began selling rice in kraft and cellophane bags.

1926 - Consumer Packaging

First to introduce rice in consumer packages.

1911 - Southern Rice Sales Co. founded

Consortium led by Frank A. Godchaux Sr. buys 30 rice mills in southwest Louisiana to form the Louisiana State Rice Milling Company.